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Introducing another Natural Mama

by Sarah on August 31st, 2010

I realised this morning that I’ve been very rude. I’ve recently had another Natural Mama join the ranks and I didn’t introduce her. She’s already even written a post – which has been so valuable to Lily and I when it comes to napping.

Anyway, I have actually spoken about Kerryn before, but that was way back in April, when I had no idea that she be writing for this blog. Kerryn is my cousin’s wife (my cousin, Scott, does all the backend tweaking of the blog, so you should know about him too) and their beautiful daughter, Georgina, was born 6 weeks before my Lily.

Besides being family, and first-time Moms, Kerryn and I have lots of things in common, particularly our overall views on birthing, child-raising, and natural things. We do feel and do things differently from time to time, of course, and that’s why I think it’s so great that she’s blogging too. It means that our readers will get different viewpoints, and hear about different expereiences. I’m pretty sure that this will all be of benefit to you.

Ok, so that’s it. Meet the Lovely Kerryn. Hope you enjoy all that she has to share with you…

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  • Kerryn

    Thanks Sarah! I’m really excited to share what I’m learning and to learn from other like-minded moms out there. Becoming a mom has been the steepest and (most awesome) learning curve of my life so far.