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by Sarah on May 5th, 2010

I went off for my first meeting with the La Leche League breastfeeding group this morning, and am so glad I did. It was really great to meet some other pregnant girls, and also get to chat to experienced moms. Vicky, the group leader, will be ready for me to call her when our bubba is born and will come to the house if I need any help at all. I like. I know that my midwife will be able to help me with the initial latching, etc, but I think it’s really going to help having a passionate breastfeeding consultant around for after-support.

I’ve heard about this before, but then Vicky showed me a pamphlet today, which spoke about how newborns who have been born naturally, and who are placed on their mom’s bellies, know how to crawl up to the breast and latch themselves. Apparently this is the best way to get started, allowing the bubba to use its own instincts, because instinct is what knows best. If we interfere and teach it the “wrong” way, it’s more difficult to go back and get it right. Makes sense?

I was also really pleased to hear today that if your breasts hurt at all while feeding, it means that you’re doing something wrong. Your nipple isn’t far back enough in their mouth. It’s not supposed to hurt (just your uterus should from the contractions). Pretty much everyone I know who’s breastfed has said it’s really painful in the first few weeks, so I’m quite interested to see if Vicky will be able to help me avoid this. I will keep you posted!

New moms, expectant moms, if you’re wanting to breastfeed, or are having any difficulties at all, I’d contact your nearest La Leche League for sure. It costs R150 for the year to be a member, meetings and advice after that are free, and you if you have an enthusiastic leader like, Vicky, you can even loan books and DVD’s from her library. Isn’t that nice?