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BIRTHING: 10 Reasons to have a Homebirth

by Sarah on May 3rd, 2010

My father-in-law seems to have blocked out the memory that my husband and I told the family (at least 6 months ago) that we wanted to have a homebirth. I clearly remember the conversation at the dinner table last November, quoting stats, and feeling very impressed at how well the conversation went. Turns out, the only reason it went so smoothly, is because only my Mom and siter-in-law were listening, he wasn’t.

He’s pretty much accusing us of being irresponsible, of trying to be “different”. It’s such a difficult one, because for us it’s the complete opposite of this. To us, it feels like the safest, most sensible option. This is what I want to say to him, to explain why we’ve decided to go the route we have.

  1. I believe birth should be a beautiful, spiritual experience, not a medical procedure.
  2. If your pregnancy has been low risk the entire way through, as mine has, there is no need to medicalise the birth.
  3. Time and time again, women who have had homebirths have said that they found them to be less painful than hospital births because they felt more comfortable, safe and relaxed in their own space.
  4. At home, the umbilical cord is cut after it stops pulsating, allowing all the blood to pass through to the baby (not depriving it of one third of its blood, as is standard practice in many, many hospitals).
  5. At home, you can move about freely, finding the most comfortable space and position to the ease pain.
  6. At home, you can eat and drink as you please, giving yourself sustenance and energy for the “marathon” you are enduring.
  7. At home, you have all the time you need to deliver your baby. You can take things at your own pace, which makes for a smoother, calmer and less painful process.
  8. At home you are not strapped to heart monitor machines, forced to lie on your back during this time, and given repeated, often unnecessary pelvic examinations.
  9. At home, you can create your own calming environment with candles, music, fires, a birthing pool, massages (as my midwife does) and you can have as many or as few people enter the space as you choose.
  10. At home, you are totally in control of your own birthing experience. Your midwife listens to you, you listen to your baby and body. There are no doctors telling you what they believe should be happening by a certain time, rushing you along, often creating fear. This way, you can often avoid intervention which, I believe, should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Our decision to have a homebirth is not about proving anything, that would be basing the decision on fear. Instead, it’s out of love. Love for our unborn child, love for ourselves and a very firm belief that birth should unfold the way that nature intended.

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