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MADE WITH LOVE: Decorating The Baby Room

by Sarah on April 8th, 2010

This is one of the really fun aspects of preparing for birth. For me, working on the room is making the whole concept of a baby being on its way seem more real. It’s also a way to express my love for my child before it’s actually arrived. I always remember reading in Anastasia how it’s important to surround your family with a “space of love” and that’s exactly what I want to do for Bug. It’s not about buying factory-made furniture, or getting other people to paint the walls for me, it’s about me and Graeme putting our love energy into the room, so that on some level Bug will feel it.

Something else that’s really important to me, is that the decorating of the room is as eco-friendly as possible. One of the biggest ways of doing this is by buying second hand furniture and revamping it myself, and by using as many hand-me-downs as possible. I’m crazy about scouring second hand shops, so it’s been such fun having the task of finding things specifically for our bubba. I’ve eventually found it all, just need to finish the painting (lead-free paint, of course!) and touching up. With 6 – 7 weeks before I’m due (as I write this) I’m starting to feel a little pressure…

Hopefully I can inspire some of you to get your hands dirty with your own kids rooms, and rather source old soul-filled furniture instead of new, factory-bought stuff. It’s an obvious money-saver too. Below I’m going to show what the bare room and furniture looked like before I started all together, then slowly will add images of my progress as I move along.

That’s the room as bare as bare can be. I love the fact that we live in a log cabin, but must admit that I’m starting to find having all the walls, ceilings, windows, doors, EVERYHING the same colour, to be a little tedious.

I’ve started to paint at least one wall in Bug’s room a pale blue colour, but will see how I go further down the line with the others.

Now here’s a “before shot” of my feeding chair. The minute I sat on it outside my favourite junk store (and noticed the price was only R300!) I knew it was mine. I love that it’s big enough for me to fold my legs when sitting on it, the arm is the perfect resting-for-breastfeeding height (I’m guessing) and… it rocks. I’ve actually been told it’s not a good idea to use a rocking chair, but kinda crumbled on this.

Here’s an after shot of it upholstered (no, I didn’t do that part myself!) in a red and white pin stripe. Doesn’t it look pretty?

Next, is the chest of drawers which we’re going to also use as the changing table. It’s actually an old 70′s filing cabinet, but I just loved the look of it (and the height is perfect).

As soon as this is painted, I’ll add the image. Plus, I’ll show you the cot then too, and hopefully some other goodies that I’ll have done.